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We believe everyone deserves access to high quality personalized financial advice


At Invest Forward we're changing what it means to have someone manage your money.

We know money questions are hard to get answered. We're committed to answering all your questions and helping you to do the right things with your money.

It all starts with a plan. You tell us your goals and we work with you to map out how to get you there. We'll find the best solutions for you and keep you on track along the way. Just get started.


We want to get you financially healthy
and keep you there.

We want to make sure the inevitable bumps that come up in life don't throw you off. Our goal is to make sure you have a financial foundation that allows you to do the things that are most important to you. We'll build your customized plan and find the best solutions for you along the way. We believe in working hard for you so that you can enjoy your life.


Build & Partner

We build and partner to create best-in-class solutions and deliver them to you in a personalized financial plan.

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Our Team

Matt Cohen
Matt Cohen
Matt is committed to bringing financial advice to the masses. He is a partner at City Light Capital and his first foray into digital asset management was building Netfolio. Equipped with years of industry expertise, he is making best-in-class financial life solutions available in one place.
Nicole Reyas
Nicole Reyes
Co Founder - Product,
Strategy & Development
Ben Warburton
Ben Warburton
Co Founder & CTO
John Canver
John Canver
Front End Developer
Philip Chmalts
Phil Chmalts
Lead Front End Engineer
Ryan Vanderbilt
Ryan Vanderbilt
Lead Designer
Jeff Rinehart
Digital Strategy Advisor
Kevin Doldan
COO & Compliance
Guerin Schwarberg
Director of Key Accounts


We use the strongest browser encryption available.

We protect the privacy of your information and will never share your data with any third party without your permission.

We use bank level encryption and all information is encrypted before storage.



We pay you for being smart with your money

We noticed that most loyalty programs were designed to compel you to take actions that are favorable to the company. We turned this on its head. We're excited to be among the companies that reward you for taking the right actions for your future. We reward you for doing the right things with your money. The more your commit to your goals, the more we'll give you Boosts sponsored by Invest Forward and our partners.

Our goal is to get you there even faster!


"Smart Index Approach" - And our partnership with Dimensional

  1. Simple indexing: We eliminate manager risk. We also eliminate the manager expenses that reduce the return on your money.
  2. Simple diversification: We expand the number of asset classes in your portfolio to reduce risk. Basic Couch Potato portfolios take the first two steps to improve investment results. At AssetBuilder, we take two additional steps to maximize your earnings potential.
  3. Smart indexing: We go a step beyond market capitalization based indexes by taking advantage of higher returns to small cap and value priced equities — per the Fama/French research. Until recently, it wasn’t possible to take the third step. Smart index funds simply weren’t available, except to institutional investors. Today, though, it’s possible through a growing group of “smart” index funds and ETFs. (We chose Dimensional Fund Advisors funds because they are the purest practitioners with the lowest costs.)
  4. Smart allocation: We go a step beyond “naïve” diversification using a technique called “mean variance optimization.” It helps us determine the highest return for the least risk from any given group of asset classes. We call the result our risk-calibrated portfolios.

A bit more about Dimensional.

Research has shown that over 80% of active managers underperform their benchmarks. Because of this, index funds have emerged as a popular way to invest in-line with the market. Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) has developed what we believe is a better way to invest resulting in enhanced returns over both active managers and mutual funds. For 30 years, DFA has consistently acted against the investment industry’s conventional wisdom, delivering excellent returns and the now manages over $400 billion in assets.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is a low cost passive mutual fund family. It's based on the work of esteemed finance professors Eugene Fama and Ken French, known as the Fama French Three Factor Model, that shows additional return can be achieved by weighting portfolios toward smaller and value companies.

Dimensional employs a passive approach based on decades of academic research by [four Nobel Laureates.] University of Chicago’s Eugene Fama and Yale’s Roger Ibbotson are board members, and Dartmouth’s Ken French is the firm’s head of investment policy.) The idea is that markets are correct more often than they are wrong. The sheer existence of many diverse investors ensures prices reflect most, if not all, available information. No one can reasonably expect to know more than the market as a whole knows. Market prices are fair, and when prices are fair, stock picking and market timing become futile.

If this line of reasoning sounds familiar, it should. The largest fund company on the planet, Vanguard, has popularized passive investing and enabled the masses to invest in index funds, those well-diversified baskets of stocks that mirror indexes such as the S&P 500. But don’t confuse DFA’s funds with traditional index funds.

For starters, anyone can buy index funds. DFA, meanwhile, offers its funds exclusively through investment advisors. Not just any advisor can offer DFA funds. Only “authorized” advisors who meet the firm’s strict criteria can gain access to the funds.

DFA funds differ from index funds in a few other important ways. These differences often lead to significant long-term performance advantages.