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PyramidInvest Forward Money Rules

1. Spend less than you earn
Spend less than you make. 40% of Americans spend 110% of their income. Commit to yourself every month (shoot to save at least 10% of your income). If you’re having trouble, get on a budget to find places to save.
2. Avoid credit card debt at all costs
Debt eats away at you and limits your options. The average person has $16k in credit cared debt. Be different - get on a plan to get rid of it ASAP.
3. Put 3 months of expenses aside for emergencies
Things happen and we can’t plan for everything. Set aside 4-6 months of expenses so you are protected from going back into debt.
4. Start investing as early as you can. It makes a huge difference
Start saving and investing as early as you can. If you start at 25 and put $200 away per month, you will have over $4.9 million by the time you reach 85.
5. Maximize retirement accounts, especially if your employer matches
Take full advantage of your 401k (or other tax advantaged accounts. There are very few free lunches when it comes to your finances- tax advantaged growth and employer matches are as good as it gets.
6. If people depend on your income, get life insurance
Who would take care of your family if something were to happen to you? Make sure your family is covered with the right life insurance. We also recommend putting a will and power of attorney in place.
7. When investing control for taxes and expenses
Make sure to watch fees, limit taxes and avoid late fees.
8. Put a will in place if you have dependents
If you have children and want to ensure details in their future, have started a business and want to pass it to specific heirs or want to deliberately allocate your assets, put your will in place.